This Department is a Post Graduate Department. Ayurveda mainly treat the patient by either Samshodhana (Purificative / Bio-cleansing ) or Samshamana (Palliative) Treatment. Panchakarma which include five major procedures Vamana(Therapeutic emesis), Virechana(Therapeutic purgation), Niruha Basti(Therapeutic Cleansing Enema), Anuvasana Basti(Therapeutic Oil Enema), Nasya(Therapeutic Nasal Administration of Medicine) are mainly bio cleansing in nature. Apart from this several other internal and external therapies are administered in the department of Panchakarma for the treatment of various diseases mainly musculo skeletal , neurological, skin, metabolic, life style, Allergic , Respiratory and Psychiatric diseases are effectively treated by Panchakarma. This department renders service to the society by treating almost all type of patients. It also provides service as a preventive and health promotive medicine. It extends support to other departments for treating the patients through Panchakarma.

The Department is engaged in the training of students and scholars at the level of UG and PG and also has regular Ph.D. Program. The Department is also running a 1 Year Panchakarma Attendant Course. It carries Research Work at PG and Ph.D level mainly on Management of various Diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, Sciatica, Hemiplegia, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Hypertension, Obesity, Sexual dysfunction, Dislipidemia.

During the year under report, 3 Associate Professors, 1 Assistant Professor and 1 Lecturers with other supporting technical and non-technical staff were working in the Department. 1 Professor is also engaged on contractual basis.



A) Under-Graduate Level: During the year, theoretical as well as practical teaching, training and guidance on Treatment in the Subject of Panchakarma were provided to BAMS students. Besides theoretical as well as practical teaching, training and guidance, the Department also engaged students in bed-side clinics in Panchakarma.

B) Post-Graduate Level: During the year, theoretical as well as practical teaching, training and guidance were provided to M.D.(Ay.) Scholars on their research topics with reference to special diseases. Scholars were kept busy in their research work to complete it hastly.

C) Ph.D. Level: Teaching, training and guidance were provided to Ph.D. scholars on their research topics from time to time.


S.NO. Image Name Designation Type Biodata
1 PROF. S. M. Vedpathak Professor and Head TEACHING
2 Dr Gopesh Mangal Associate Professor TEACHING
3 Dr Sarvesh Kumar Singh Assistant Professor TEACHING
4 Dr Kshipra Rajoria Lecturer TEACHING
5 Dr. Vaibhav Bapat Panchkarma Vaidya NON-TEACHING(Technical)
6 Dr. Vipin Panchkarma Vaidya NON-TEACHING(Technical)