This is also a Post-graduate Department dealing with teaching and demonstration on the physiological formation and functions of the human body according to Ayurvedic principles. It deals with physiology structure of human body which includes indriya(sensory organs) and motor functions, mana(psyche), atma(soul) and their functions. Dosha, Dhatu and Mala and their sites in the body were taught to scholars. Theoritical as well as practical knowledge on rakta (blood), shukra/artava (reproductive), mala (feces), mutra (urine), kapha (cough) etc. and proper diagnosis and treatment therapies of various disorders taught to scholars. Subjects of Shawasana, Rakta Sancharana, Utsarjan, Nadi Tantra etc. were taught to UG, PG Students and Ph.D. Scholars. This Department has regular Ph.D. Program.

During the year under report, 1 Associate Professor, 2 Assistant Professor and 1 Lecturer with other supporting technical and non-technical staff were working in the Department.



A) Under-Graduate Level: During the year, theoretical as well as practical teaching, training and guidance in the subject of Sharir Kriya were provided to students of BAMS.

Dosha, Dhatu Mala etc. were tought to the students in Practical Classes and Practical Tests of Rakta, Shukra, Mala, Mutra, Kapha etc. were conducted in prakrat avastha as well as in vikriti avastha. Technical Tests like respiratory system, blood circulation system etc. were conducted.

B) Post-Graduate Level: During the year, theoretical as well as practical teaching, training and guidance in the PG Subjects were provided to PG Scholars as per Syllabus of Rajasthan Ayurved University. Practical teaching on Dosha, Dhatu, Mala, Rakta, Purish, Kapha etc. were provided to students. Research works were conducted.

C) Ph.D. Level: Teaching, training and guidance were instructed to Private Ph.D. scholars on their subjects as per rules and directions of Rajasthan Ayurved University. Research works were conducted. Action Plan was made on new research works undertaken and analysis were done on their utility and results.


S.NO. Image Name Designation Type Biodata
1 Prof. Chhaju Ram Yadav Associate Professor and Head TEACHING
2 Dr. Mahendra Kumar Prajapati Associate Professor TEACHING
3 Dr. Sharika Yadav Lecturer TEACHING
4 Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh Lecturer TEACHING